Straight Out Of The Camera Challenge 2/3 #visualartdiary_michmutters_2015 _______________________________________ I was nominated by @thomaslimphotography for this #sooc_challenge – it’s bloody scary on an #iphone ! Thank goodness for #procamera8 (shameless support of my favourite things!) I am doing this because Thomas did the BW challenge when I nominated him! Plus my first love is #streetphotography and #documentary anyway … So YAY! _______________________________________ Simple Rules: 1) 1 image a day for 3 days from any type of camera and nominate 3 IG friends each day 2) No editing (in case the people I nominate have no idea what “sooc” means) – you post what your camera has captured. 3) Apps to fit your image into the IG square are allowed (like Square Ready etc) because the world is not square. _______________________________________ Have fun and Happy Snap-Tap-Click! OH YES! I nominate the following people today: @chris_stern @breadgeek @gothams_ambassador