Everyday AdeLay No. 50 About the series: 3 years ago I wanted to embark on this personal project but I wasn’t ready to. There will be images to come that are from the past – people who have known me and followed me on my other account and other platforms may recognise some of the images from previous years – re-edited to suit this series. In many ways, going black and white and street is returning to my roots pre-Internet days. Why “AdeLay”? Because many people from my birth country seem to pronounce it that way! I have no idea why. Why the series? When I moved here 16 years ago, most people thought I was crazy especially coming from a busy city like Singapore. “AdeLay is so boring!”, “AdeLay is so sleepy!”, “There is nothing to do in AdeLay!!!” – I heard that all the time. But I love my AdeLay. I love the people, I love my city and I love the quiet, understated style and culture that it possesses. This is the city where you can still have a long chat in the post office and the owner of a cafe knows you by name. This is a city that is quietly hip before hipsters were born. It’s a big country town, a small city, European-English and all mashed up with a heavy dose of other cultures with some of the best fresh produce in the country. And coffee … Serious coffee. Adelaide has made me a snob and I love it. The desire to document as much as possible is important to me because home is where the heart is. #visualartdiary_michmutters_2015 #Adelaide #SouthAustralia #Australia #Procamera