A Personal Project: “Everyday AdeLay (Adelaide)” 3 years ago, I wanted to embark on an ambitious project of simply documenting life, people, moments etc. I abandoned it for various reasons. In between, I did “Channeling Atget via Melbourne”, a 36-image series documenting Melbourne using Atget’s “Old Paris” images as inspiration. Over the years, I’ve collected a vast amount of what is considered “street photography”. So whilst many are current, some old ones will slip through re-edited with a more ‘grown up’ and mature vision. Currently, it’s in black and white because I love the grain of newspaper photos. So if you like black and white, old-school documentary-style street photography, you can find me at the account below. This is purely FYI and not a call for followers. We all know I’m not too good at the “let’s be social” side of things. The images are also posted on Eyeem, Google+ and a dedicated album on Flickr. Thanks to long-time friends for their continuous support of my various endeavours, experiments and styles. #visualartdiary_michmutters_2015 #Adelaide #SouthAustralia #Australia