Day 3: Self Portrait Challenge Dedicated to the two people who originally tagged me for this challenge: @_jenbeezy_ and @sxethang – in recent times they have lost loved ones. I think of both of you constantly. When we came across each other and through time, both of you have become dear to my heart like we have coffee every week. I share in your joys and I feel for you in your times of sadness. Also dedicated to M&Ms. “The tears I feel today I’ll wait to shed tomorrow. Though I’ll not sleep this night Nor find surcease from sorrow. My eyes must keep their sight: I dare not be tear-blinded. I must be free to talk Not choked with grief, clear-minded. My mouth cannot betray The anguish that I know. Yes, I’ll keep my tears til later: But my grief will never go.” ― Anne McCaffrey #visualartdiary_michmutters #art #Australia #collage #procamera