The Final: When you succumb to exhaustion. The fading light recedes and you give in to all your senses shutting down as sleep slowly takes over. An even comfort of darkness that cocoons your brain from the mad rush of colours of your surrounds; it protects you from the ravages of raw emotions. You hope, wish that it is a dreamless sleep. A part of you wishes to sleep and never wake up. You actually want to, so as not to face another day of pain and recriminations. You are so tired. Your brain is so tired and so heavy. A part of you wants the people that hurt you to say “I didn’t mean to cause you such pain.”; another part of you wants to be gone forever to inflict regret in them and the things that they chose to say and do or not do; but another part of you knows that people who can hurt you like that will have no regret – they will only say “she did this to herself; I had nothing to do with exacerbating the pain that she hides within her. She is selfish, horrible and nasty, anyway.” And you want to scream at them in your silence. Because you trusted them not to hurt you. Once, twice, three times with their cold and cruel words. Sleep … Take me, for I am exhausted. Sleep … Numb me for a while from the hurt. #visualartdiary_michmutters #australia #fineartphotography #art