Trigger 3: Fear … and anxiety of hurt. The memories come rushing back. After the tears have flowed, the walls come down – a fort to protect not the heart, but the soul. The soul that has been displaced and lost so many times. There is no more sense to be made of. The words repeat over in your garbled mind: “No. I do not love you anymore.” Over and over. And over. When did love move from a deep emotion to such shallow words within a few hours? It is a haunting reminder of the words you knew so well: “You are devil’s spawn”, “useless good for nothing” over and over. Only a good girl when you do good things for the pleasure of others. The Light that took so long to fill slowly seeps out. Where is sleep? Sleep is the safest. Enveloped and comforted in darkness. Where is it? I want it to come soon. #visualartdiary_michmutters #australia #fineartphotography #art