Trigger Number 1: When trust has been betrayed; when love has been given and taken away. When the people you love and trust tell you straight up: no, I don’t love you anymore. When you’ve spent a life keeping secrets and having no one on your side, you seek help from those around you. When you have been silenced all your life, you reach out for some kind of support. And the people who claim to love you hate you for it. Their mistakes are to be forgiven, but not yours … because you’re expected to know to do the right thing or behave in the right way. They accuse you of many things. Your brain cannot comprehend, because it’s broken and you’re drowning and the people you love are no where to be found. When you find them, you receive cruel words and the back of them. #visualartdiary_michmutters #australia #fineartphotography #art