Searching For Balance: Recently you were visited by Black Dog The Bitch. She brought along her nanchucks called Anxiety, and she hammered you stupid. Stupid to the point of delirium. There are people around who don’t understand (no fault of their’s), and the rest, who are always there, your Pillars of Defence: who give space, show faith and remind you of the path traveled. When The Bitch leaves, she leaves you completely wiped out. She has tried to drag your soul out with her fangs and you have fought back viciously this time. Because this time, you really didn’t feel like embracing That Damn Bitch. You. Feel. You. Are. Left. With. Nothing. Running. On. Empty. But there is nothing to be done but to be still, pick up the pieces, scattered as they may be and lay still. Pick up The Black Dog’s Negative Poop and throw it as far away as possible. Spray Eau de Positivity. Slowly find your balance again. And yes, screw the rest of the world who thinks you’re a mental retard. #visualartdiary_michmutters #australia #fineartphotography #art