(Re-edited because I found a mistake that resulted in the image not making sense) 14 February 2016 Dear Valentine, I love you everyday. But today I will love you just that bit extra by telling you that you are special. You’ve learnt to love yourself well enough that you love others easily … with no conditions. You’ve learnt to love yourself enough that you’ve learnt to have no time or sympathy for those who are toxic, who are not true to themselves and most of all, you’ve learnt that hypocrisy is for those who don’t know who they are. You’re okay, kiddo, given the path you’ve travelled. You don’t seek to be understood any longer. You’re just you and I can see you’re quite happy with it. Yes, sometimes the nightmares return, sometimes the Black Dog hounds you, but you also know to be selfish, love yourself and pick yourself right back up. You don’t need flowers, cards and chocolates from those you love. You are secure knowing they love you – through thick and thin. Know that you’re really awesome and I like you a heck of a lot now. Lots of love, You #visualartdiary_michmutters #australia #fineartphotography #art #collage


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