Everyday #Adelaide No. 285 (Autumn/Winter) .. It always affects me during winter when I see the homeless. It was cold and wet last week when I went into the city. I know I cannot help everyone but I wonder, all the different cross sections of life, how did this man get so marginalised? How does a person get so stripped of their dignity that he is no longer a person and is largely ignored. And at what point did we, as members of humanity, desensitise ourselves to not pay attention? Amongst the millions and millions of photos of people “living the life”, this man gets this space – a small dot on social media – but at least he will get a small space and a small handful of you will notice and see him – as opposed to that day when I stood there and observed that no one did. .. #southaustralia #australia #streetphotography #documentary #blackandwhitephotography #visualartdiary_michmutters