Everyday #Adelaide No. 290 (Autumn/Winter) Someone asked me recently why the numbers in my titles. Simple answer, really … It’s a long series with an underlying subject matter. Plus, I find it really difficult to title images. Or perhaps I should write thoughts down on what motivated me to take a photo? Thing is, I have this belief: what I see may be different from what anyone sees and vice versa. What I like isn’t what everyone ‘Iikes’ either. An artist’s interpretation, in my own very humble opinion, is their own until they throw it out for public viewing. This is especially true for my more complicated digital collages (on other feed @ michmutters). It is open to interpretation. I am neither precious about what is interpreted or misinterpreted. Visual art is for all. We should all be so lucky that we have these platforms for our ‘voices’ to be heard. #southaustralia #australia #streetphotography #documentary #visualartdiary_michmutters #color