Mourning, v2016, 3 – I Wish I’d Been There To Say “Good Bye” ~ I take comfort in knowing that both your children were holding you till you drew your last breath. I wish there had been time for me to rush there … Just to give you a hug, have just another chuckle, listen to you being a smart arse. As I lie here, I try in my mind to reach across space and time … if only to prod you one last time and say “Hey you … Those cancer f**ker cells can’t get you now.” It’s a crap trade-off. I’m proud you fought so long and so hard; I’m proud you never gave up … in science or in hope. I’m proud you made those cancer f**ker cells work so damn bloody hard – you truly showed them whom they were dealing with: The Magnificent E.E., Diva-Queen-Braniac. ~ #art #fineartphotography #sadness #visualpoetry #visualartdiary_michmutters