Mourning, v2016, 4 – I’m Sorry I Can’t Be There To Send You Off ~ Today is your Sending Off Party. I cannot call it anything else. Everything was like a party with you, my dearest friend … Even when we caught up for one coffee. I cannot be there. So I will have a one for you at the place we used to go to almost every week before you moved away. The name has changed many times but the structure remains. Like our friendship … The state might change, but the foundation remains. Today I will remember how much we laughed together – you had such a way with words – brilliant, magical. Today, I will remember the times we helped each other – you were always so generous – with your time and your heart. Today I will remember how divinely fabulous you were … “were” … It is still inconceivable to me. You ARE divinely fabulous, full of empathy and compassion, respect and dignity, courage and passion. You ARE a role model and an inspiration, to me and those whose lives you touched. I am so glad I actually told you this … On more than one occasion. But I’m telling you again … Just in case you might have forgotten. Well, I hope you got your passport and everything packed. I hear the trip is pretty awesome … First class and all that. ~ #art #fineartphotography #grief #visualpoetry #visualartdiary_michmutters