Mourning, v2016, 5 – I’m Happy Your Hair Is Flying Free Again ~ Dearest E, I’m not sure if I believe in an After … But I see why people do – it’s easier to cope with. So excuse me whilst I imagine you running naked and wild in some unicorn-infested, rainbow land. I hope you receive this letter. I’m not really sure how the mail system is from Here to There. Was the journey pleasant, or did you give some angelic cabin crew a hard time for being incompetent? I know, I know, it’s hard to get good staff these days. Please be kind to the bunnies and the dolphins *smirk*. I can imagine that you are smiling and your hair flowing wild and free behind you. It may be a while before we can have our “Who Has The Craziest Hair Competition” again. I think you won the last round, which is fine by me. Hey, no more hospitals, no more needles and no more pumping poison into your body. Free. A state that you should always be. Love, M xxx #art #fineartphotography #surreal42 #surreal #visualartdiary_michmutters