I am excited to announce that “Survival is Justice For Silent Victims” won the first prize in Images of Justice, A Portrait, the annual photography competition run by The University of Adelaide’s Law School. This is extremely meaningful to me as it’s in my hometown. #Adelaide has been my home for the last 17 years and it is the place where I literally stumbled on the best care that any sufferer of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can have. I have been very fortunate. This achievement is dedicated to my daughter who inspired me to keep putting one foot forward, my doctors, my friends who have supported me with no judgement and the people who have supported my work in the last 4 years because they have connected in one way or more. This is for all the silent victims who have survived. #visualartdiary_michmutters #Adelaide #SouthAustralia #Australia #art #artist #fineartphotography