That was a bit shaky … I almost posted to my old site. What a joke. 

Finally, it’s done. My new web site. 

It seems that I’m quite the technological moron, but thanks to the Happiness Engineers here at WordPress, who answered every crazy question I sent their way, I’ve managed it. 

If you followed me on, you’re here now. By magic. Including all of my old and somewhat disorganised art and photography posts. An old dog can learn new tricks. Maybe. 

Thank you, if you’ve been following me for a while now, I know it’s been messy. Hopefully I’ve cleaned it up. Have a look around. 

Thank you, if you’re stopping by, maybe you’ll stay for a longer visit. 

Jimmy Fallon “Thank You Notes”? I think not. I don’t have note-writing music. 

My thoughts on art in general is anything goes. The same with my thoughts on photography. Any opinions I express are my own, like my thoughts: possibly wrong but always honest, and I guess, with age, humble. 

Let’s hope my photo posts go to the right tags, the right social media platforms and I don’t put my foot in my mouth, or get tangled by web hooks and what nots.