Friend or foe, the internet has been great for my photography. It’s where I have learnt to catalogue and curate my work without having to dig through boxes. Old personal photos have been scanned and uploaded to forever float somewhere in cyber space … mainly on Facebook’s servers to be precise.

In 2013 I’d come across the work of Eugène Atget. Atget never considered himself a photographer – he thought of himself as an “author-producer”. That resonated with me, along with his images of “old Paris”. I too, do not consider myself a “photographer” … nor an “artist” for that matter. I just love taking photos and creating images.

9511710699_81d21ef567_kThus it was on a trip to Melbourne in the Australian winter of 2013 that my sub-conscience was filled with the ‘essence’ of Atget. The weather was not ideal: it was raining, light was bad and my fingers were frozen. But what to do? If you love taking photos, you just keep taking photos! The result was “Channeling Atget via Melbourne – a photo essay”.

For the last 3 years, this series of photos has been tucked away in an album on Flickr. I’ve revived it now with my newly-revamped web site and at last, my very own Facebook page (that is another story for another time … maybe). I’ve revived it simply because I love it; because I take photos and create images that I love; because this series sits so close to my attitude towards the pace of technology and how we view images these days; because I am preoccupied with making time stand still.

Finally, because I love “Channelling Atget” so much, it deserves to stand alone as a collection itself on my little space in the big world-wide web. Ephemeral moments forever on the internet. That is why I love the internet for my photography. 

I thank you in advance if you’ve taken the time to have a look. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Have a great weekend,


To view “Channelling Atget via Melbourne, click here