🎄 Christmas Wishes 🎄 
I wish for love and peace throughout the world. 

I wish for people to put their differences aside and respect each other – as individuals and as collectives. 

I wish for equality in as many facets of life. 

I wish for people to have a little more care and thought beyond themselves. 

I wish for people to accept themselves and love themselves just a little bit more. 

I wish for everyone to feel good about themselves and for judgements to stop. 

I wish for all the people who feel alone to know that they are not. 

I wish for all the people who feel different to understand that they are special. 

I wish for people to understand that forgiveness is not about forgetting but more about taking away the anger and bitterness that can rot the soul. 

I wish for everyone to comprehend that the brain is an evolving organ, more precious than any other organ in the body. Therefore we should strive to be the best that we can be every single day. 

I wish people could see what I see in all the little details in Life that keep things beautiful in spite of the hardships and the horrors and the daily grind. 

I wish for people to see that their best is always good enough, for them – not for anyone else. 

I wish for everyone to see the beauty in themselves as I see the beauty in them. 
If people judged less, more of us would feel safer being more honest, less inhibitive, more ourselves. We are, when everything is stripped away, the same. We want the same things: respect, love, care for our children and doing the right thing. 
My wishes may not all come true. But I wake up everyday and try to make those wishes come true. 
Love Michelle 
Share, don’t share, it doesn’t matter. These are my own words because I felt like it and because I can.