Curating Your Own Images

One thing that I am finding really great about finally having the courage to start my own Facebook Page is this: I get to curate my ongoing projects all over again.

For me, curating my own work is important because it’s where I learn about my own style and my personal artistic statements. When there are millions of images being uploaded every second of every day, regardless of what you believe your own motivations are, you enjoy having an audience, no matter how small.

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Whether you are a hobbyist/amateur like myself, I believe each of us have evolved enough with the internet that we all know this: bulk uploads of the same flower or the same landscape is only going to turn people off. Some of us are aware of it, some of us are not aware of it yet, and then there are some of us who don’t care.

I know I am as much a viewer as a content-creator of my own little space. My images and how I present them are a representation of my heart and soul, and therefore me. I use Flickr as my personal online library. It’s the only place I don’t curate my work. Trust me, I cringe at the many doozies that I have uploaded there. Often times, my fingers get itchy and I want to click “delete”. I don’t, though. Why? Because it reminds me of what doesn’t work. For the images that work, often times I will think to myself: “Hey! I can do something else better!”

On my Facebook Page, I now have a new and refined set of my ongoing project “Everyday Adelaide”. Having decided to create an album with the monochrome images of the project has also made me question how I want the project to go forward: more colour? All monochrome? Decisions, decisions, decisions. But that after all is “creativity”: problem-solving, decision-making.

If you stop by my Facebook Page and you “like” it, I thank you in advance for your time and support.

Have a great day!



Ode To Autumn 2

Ode To Autumn

A Bunch Of Hot, Hot, Hot_Michelle Robinson_2016

Waiting For That Hit_Michelle Robinson_2016

Would You Like To Buy More Junk … Oops, Sorry … Vintage … Things?

The Vintage Market at the Adelaide Showgrounds

via Flickr

Melbourne_Sept 2015_Michelle Robinson