The work of Michelle Robinson is as varied as a thick forest at night. By turns, it startles as it delights, it frightens as it enlightens, and always seems to push us further down the untrodden path than we perhaps initially wished to proceed.

Few artists working in the mobile arts are able to genre-shift as easily as Ms. Robinson. Her street work is honest & compelling, her self-portraits prod the viewer into ever deeper observations of the human condition, her abstracts question our understanding of what it means to believe what we think we see. You may think you know the route but step off the path and a new world awaits.

As an artist, Robinson doesn’t rely on the modes of genre or technique – she relies on story-telling. Her first instinct as a photographer isn’t necessarily to convey light, shadow or shape. Her first instinct is to *say* something. She’s an author. She tackles subjects like depression, anger, and joy. She sees genre as merely a method of expression –  her truth resides somewhere else, somewhere further into the darkest reaches of the forest.

Ignore the directions on the map. Put down the GPS. Let Michelle be your guide and you will experience far more than pretty trees, believe me.

Daniel Berman, Founder of the Mobile Photography Awards & Curator/Owner at Sixteen Mile Arts Photography Gallery